Brand Story

Once in a long while a sparkling beauty emerges from the belly of Mother Earth – a single colorful wonder of Nature that glitters proudly in shades of blue, green, red or cognac.

It’s a mature diamond – and there is nothing “fancy” about it; it has simply been left intact long enough under the right conditions of heat and pressure to achieve its natural color.

All white diamonds contain a secret range of color, hidden to the naked eye, just waiting to be revealed – but who can wait a million years for it to happen?

At Vivial, we have unlocked the secrets of this amazing phenomenon of nature, safely simulating the conditions which enable a white diamond’s intended color to shine forth through an exclusive color-revealing™ process. Nothing is treated, coated or enhanced.

It’s simply natural color, revealed. A new source of vivid inspiration to designers and manufacturers of luxury jewelry and a precious gift of individuality and choice to the fashion-conscious women everywhere who crave their unique creations. Dare to dream in vivid color. Vivial!