The Engagement Ring Story


A 2014 research among brides in the US market concluded that more than 30% want to experience a unique and different “proposal event”, especially with regards to the engagement ring. More importantly, these brides wanted to experience a different diamond cut or color than the “usual” engagement...

Natural Diamonds Color Enhanced


Natural Diamonds Color Revealed

Natural Fancy colored diamonds are very fashionable but extremely rare, that is the reason why they command high prices, ranging from expensive to priceless. Unaffordable prices and rarity has meant that the increasing demand for these...



HPHT | Which diamonds can be subjected to it and what are its effects?

HPHT, or High Pressure High Temperature, is an attempt to mimic the natural environment which produces diamonds 150km deep in the earth’s crust, under extreme heat and pressure – some 2000 degrees...

Vivial Interview in IDEX – Raising the bar and boosting the colored diamond market

Raising the bar and boosting the colored diamond market


We recently spoke with Amnon Barak, Vivial’s President, and a true visionary, who almost 20 years ago, already anticipated the future demand in the luxury jewelry & fashion segment for color diamonds of impeccable quality, cut and clarity.Interviewer: Shalom Amnon. Last year we published an...

The Allure Of Pink


How could something so rare — it is said that one in a million carats of diamonds mined is a pink — become so common as to be given away by the thousands during the Oprah Winfrey television show taped in Australia in December 2011? Did this one event, organized with the necessary cooperation of...

Colored Diamonds Proving Their Worth As Investment Vehicles


Colored diamonds account for just 1 percent of the entire diamond market. And some industry observers estimate that there is just one carat of colored diamonds for every 100,000 carats of white stones. And if that was not enough to make colored diamond prices continuously soar higher, supply is...

Who’s Afraid of Irradiated Diamonds?


What are irradiated diamonds, how are they manufactured and why? 
Who wants them, who needs them and what name should we use for them?
To avoid unjustified concern among consumers?
These questions were addressed-in the lecture presented by Ya’akov Almor at the annual event of...