Natural Diamonds Color Enhanced


Natural Diamonds Color Revealed

Natural Fancy colored diamonds are very fashionable but extremely rare, that is the reason why they command high prices, ranging from expensive to priceless. Unaffordable prices and rarity has meant that the increasing demand for these beautiful gemstones is being increasingly met by Revealing, changing the colors of the diamonds.

Color Revealed allows more of us to own a brightly colored diamond. Look into buying one of these color Revealed diamonds if you’d love a bit of color in your life!  They are still very beautiful, and of course are still 100% real mined diamonds!


The Enhanced process

100% natural diamonds are revealed with an electronic beam and high temperatures .
The process is used only on polished diamonds.

This process is actually a mechanical simulation of a diamond’s creation in nature. Different levels and timing of an electronic beam and temperatures are used for each color and shape of diamond. An industrial accelerator is used for the electronic beam. This assures Non-Radioactive Revealed (treatment) in the process.
The color of all diamonds that have been revealed is permanent so as stable under normal conditions of wear and care and is 100 % safe.

Enhanced Process  can turn brown yellow and white diamonds into fancy colored diamonds–greens, vivid yellows, blues and other colors.

There is another color Enhanced – surface enhanced (just the bottom of the diamond) – coatings diamond. These color enhanced diamond coatings are not permanent and they are sometimes done to deceive a buyer when the treatment is not disclosed. It is mostly use to change the color into pink and purple.

We deal only with the process which provides permanent colors!


The benefits

Natural (fancy) color diamonds are extremely rare: about 1-2 carats out of every 3000 carats. This explains their high price, and the fact that the jewelry manufactures use mostly white diamonds. The color Revealed process imitates nature and enables the jewelry designers more creatively options:

1. Availability: The color Enhanced  diamonds are available in a wide range of colors in any shape, size and quantity.

2. Beauty: Natural Diamonds are brilliant, luminous, and glowing, enhance them with vivid and intense color and you have the added effect of arousing sensations and their color variety opens new horizons for the jeweler’s creativity.

3. The Demand: Color Enhanced diamonds are universally accepted and have become very popular as jewelers and designers have realized the potential of their magnificent colors, availability and affordability.

4. Price: Natural fancy diamonds are expensive and out of the reach of many buyers. Color Enhanced  diamonds are affordable and allow a lot of people to own a brightly colored diamond. Look into buying one of these color enhanced diamonds if you’d love a bit of color in your life!

5. Upgrade: The color-Revealed technology provides the diamond industry with a way to upgrade its product at low cost.