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No other color-enhanced diamond manufacturer offers the quality and variety of Vivial, offering fashion-ready colors.

Our 14-Color Diamond Paletta™ is the result of years of research, development and experiments into recreating the conditions in Nature for producing color diamonds. Our color-revealing™ process yields the many sparkling shades of green, yellow, cognac, pink and blue diamonds demanded by today’s luxury fashion industry. Vivial collaborates with  fashion house, jewelry designers and retailers worldwide, in creating distinctive color-diamond jewelry lines, enablingour partners to enter the exclusive world of color-diamonds.

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we dare you to dream in vivid colors

Signature colors

Looking for an exclusive branded shade? Vivial cancombine different shades of the spectrum to reveal distinctive diamond colors that meet your specifications for a specific jewelry piece or line.

Well assorted, precise selection:

Vivial works with S1 and up. With headquarters located in the heart of the Israel Diamond Exchange, we have access to some of the finest stones in the world. We acquire diamonds exclusively from legitimate and reliable sources (only clean goods and top make) in exact sizes, from 0.008mm and up to any requested size.

Experienced partner:

Vivial works closely with your team in achieving project goals. We coordinate with your gemologists, quality control experts, jewelry designers and purchase department professionals to ensure that orders are filled precisely to expectation and delivered on schedule. We are able to email 3D renderings of color diamonds in all cuts and sizes and happy to make a full presentation of our capabilities during one of our upcoming roadshows.

Safe process:

Our 14-Color Diamond Paletta™ is the result of years of investigation into recreating the precise temperature and pressure conditions in Nature for revealing color potential in natural diamonds through a safe, green process.

Uncompromising regulatory standards:

Vivial is the only supplier in the color diamond manufacturing industry to be both ISO 9001 (Quality Management) & ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certified

Diamond community membership:

A member in good standing of theIsrael Diamond Exchange, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), the International Diamond Exchange (IDEX) and the Israel Jewelry Manufacturers Association (IJMA)


Vivial provides certification for all diamonds above .50 point.


Vivial can replicate any demand for cut, clarity, carat and color order after order, helping you to maintain a specific line or best seller for as long as you desire.

Please contact us for additional information and to join our partnership program