The Engagement Ring Story


A 2014 research among brides in the US market concluded that more than 30% want to experience a unique and different “proposal event”, especially with regards to the engagement ring. More importantly, these brides wanted to experience a different diamond cut or color than the “usual” engagement ring. All they wanted is to be different!

The story of the “special ring” dated back to the old Greek days with a simple iron ring to symbolize the cycle of life & Eternity. The custom was adopted by the Roman Empire adding the idea to restore affection and love between husband and wife. The way to the Christian and Jewish cultures was short, and the rest is history.

The first documentation of the custom appears in Europe in 1477, when the German Prince Maximillian 1st, propose to Mary of Burgundy, France, presenting her a rough diamond, as the polishing technic for diamonds was pioneered in Venice, Italy, during the 16th century.

For thousands of years, people believed that the diamond has magic power, a belief that is also mentioned in the Bible, in old India and in China. Due to the Greek translation for the word diamond, DIAMAS=the unbeatable/unconquered, and the hardness material from which the diamond is created, many important, influential and powerful figures throughout history used diamonds to guard and protect them physically. Queen Elizabeth 1st used to wear a diamond on her body and Napoleon had one in his coronation sword.

De Beers successfully advertised diamonds to manipulate consumer demand. One of the most effective marketing strategies has been the marketing of diamonds as a symbol of love and commitment. A young copywriter coined the famous advertising line 'A Diamond is forever' in 1947. In 2000, Advertising Age magazine named 'A Diamond Is Forever' as the best advertising slogan of the 20th century.  According to De Beers spokesman, in the early 90th the company budget for advertising was over 100 million $ a year, focusing every year on another country. On 1995 they start this campaign in China, 5 years later engagement rings sales climbed to over 1 Billion $.

Retail Jeweller the England Magazine published an article about the engagement ring, claiming that 67.7% of women are fully involved in the purchasing decision. National Jewelers in the USA published a public research in 2014, claiming that men are spending more time searching for the right ring. The average price spending for the ring ICE BLUE was $6000.                                      

Vivial Color Revealed Diamonds story started in 2002 when a Japanese collector called and asked for a very light blue color. We offered him a pastel blue sample, named , which is a favorite color. A year later he called again ready to purchase “a new color from our diamonds collection”. Our client was disappointed that we didn’t have any new color, and his disappointed became our moto: “Diamonds is jewelry, jewelry is fashion, and fashion must change every year!”

Vivial pick up where nature left off, providing Jewelry designers and manufacturers, 14 colors diamonds palette, at all shapes and sizes with the option for multiple stones at all sizes and shapes and colors!

By Amnon Barak, Vivial's Founder and President