Designer Collection


Danielle Barak

Danielle Barak was born to be a designer. Since early days, Danielle surrounded herself with the world of design, craft, wood, metal and clay. Following her dream, Danielle joined Shenkar Design and Art College, one of the leading colleges in Israel, and took on her dream to become a truly unique jewelry designer. “Jewelry design is like a dance. A dance of color, passion and matter. Its soft organic lines dances in an imagery dialog with its ever changing surrounding and highlighted by a prestigious experience. It is a mission to create jewelry with a strong presence and characterized by elegant and precise line , thanks to uncompromising quality of raw materials of Gold, Diamonds and gemstone, and the use of advanced technologies”  View More

The Big Blue Ocean Collection's Diamonds Ring
Rectangle Diamonds  Earrings by Danielle Barak
The Porthole Collection's Diamond Pendant
Blue diamond ring design by Danielle Barak
The Rectangle Moon Collection's Diamonds Ring
The Rectangle Moon Diamonds Collection Earrings
The Man Collection - Gold and Green Colored Diamond Pin
The Porthole Collection's Blue Diamond Ring
The Porthole Collection's Purple Diamond Ring
Yellow Diamonds Ring by Danielle Barak
The Two Planets Collection's Mixed colors Diamonds Ring
The Solar System Collection's Diamonds Braclet
The Two Planets Collection's Diamonds Ring
The Moon's Collection's Diamond Ring
The Constellation Collection's Diamonds Pendant