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By Amnon Barak, Director and Founder, Vivial Color Revealed Diamonds Ltd
The Polish scientist Marie Curie (1867-1934) became the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize, the first woman to win it twice – and the only individual to win the prize for multiple science categories.


‘Never Say Never’ Fine Jewelry Trends in the U.S. Market


Revealed (Treated) color diamond bridal jewelry is making its way into display cases everywhere. In some stores, you will find sale associates who will do everything they can to direct their customers away from Revealed (treated) color diamonds in their beloved bridal jewelry department and yet...

В чём привлекательность цветных бриллиантов?


(ранее – Briza Shine)- это мировой поставщик натуральных Color Revealed™(т.е. с использованием скрытого потенциала изменения цвета) бриллиантов.

 Эксклюзивное предложение компании касается каждого представителя цепочки поставок предметов роскоши, начиная с топовых дизайнеров и...

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Why color-revealed™ diamonds?


Vivial Color Revealed Diamonds Ltd.(formerly Briza Shine) is a global provider of natural color-revealed™ diamonds. The Company’s exclusive offering serves everyone in the luxury supply chain, from high-end designers and manufacturers of fine diamond jewelry to influential fashion houses and...